Mermaid buggy crib and car seat bundle

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mermaid buggy crib and car seat bundle 

mermaid buggy bed and car seat bundle mix and match with different mermaid accesories 

push around you’re doll in style with stunning looking buggy 

the shimmering fabrics really make this product stand out from the crowd 

it gives you plenty of room for you’re doll to sit in and collapse easily for quick easy storage 

the mermaid bedside crib is the ultimate accessory for you’re dolly now you can put them to bed with you’re very own bedside crib 

the bedside crib has adjustable heights and can be used with rocking legs as well as stationery 

the zipped side means you have easy access to place you’re doll in and out with ease 

dimensions mattress size 47cm by 25 cm 

maximun height 57 cm by 35 cm 

minimun height43 cm by35 cm 

dolls car seat thanks you’re doll anywhere 

the magical sparkle design makes a stunning finish 

the carry handle can be used at different heights to make it easy to carry at different angles 

inside is a little head hugger to keep dolly secure 

the glittering hood makes it even more realistic in coordinating fabrics with stunning silver piping 

dimension 49 cm by 35cm by 30 cm h